SMS texting won't work on brand new Samsung A54


Just upgraded to a new Samsung A54, and my SMS texting will not send or receive.

I have been able to switch to use Facebook Messenger to contact most people, but there are several of my contacts that do not use Messenger, and only can contact me through regular SMS texting.

I have looked through ALL of the threads, and tried EVERY suggestion. Visible is saying that the phone is the problem, but I'm not really sure how that can be.  



@Tooltomus - Are you using the messaging app from Google?  If not, please try that and see if it makes a difference.  If it doesn't, one thing I've heard from others is if you use the Verizon Messaging app, that might work as you expect.  Also, make sure you have installed the latest Android version and installed all the app updates in your Play Store.

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