Visible is Broke... **Edit: They went above and beyond**

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Edit: please see my last message. Visible ended up going above and beyond! They also reached out to me directly on Easter.. T-Mobile used Easter as an excuse



I've been a huge supporter of Visible but my most recent experience has left a very sour taste in my mouth


Issue: I'm trying to port one of my numbers to T-Mobile. I never received my port out pin so chat incorrectly told me it was the default 12*2 (you know the one). This was incorrect so tmobile had to cancel the port. Now they need Visible to acknowledge it has been cancelled. Chat, twitter and even phone support can't help or can't get the correct department to help! Some guy actually called me and was very rude and had dogs barking like he was in a park. 


Not having anyway to reach advanced support is a huge issue. Even T-Mobile tried reaching out on my behalf through VZW who said it isn't possible.


This has left a very sour taste and I'm a large supporter. So sour I want to burn all of my Visible Merch and go viral... Someone needs to help. I've already had to escalate to FCC as I've been working days on this. I was planning on leaving one line with you all but likely not now.




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And your twitter support I 100% ignoring me. 

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Hi @devin37354! I am so sorry you had this experience with Visible. We've loved seeing you active on the forum and are sad to see you go. Nevertheless, I have escalated your issue internally and you should have someone reaching out to you soon.


I am trying to port my number out too, but cant get any help


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This must be escalated to the support team. We hope Visible is working on it. 

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In the end, Visible has actually ended up being more responsive than T-Mobile so I have decided to keep my number here.  T-Mobile has jumped from conclusion to conclusion, most recently, they said my number owes them $1,000 from 2010.  I ported my number to Visible, from T-Mobile last year so that makes no sense.  Thanks to everyone from Visible who have jumped in trying to help out..


Thanks ERT for reaching out even on Easter! Thanks community manager for reaching out! 


I wish I could say customer service was better on the standard level but hopefully it will be eventually