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I have no idea how visible makes  money. I am saving money but this is the most difunctional cell company and just company I have ever deal with. Complex problems are not solved through chat. Impossible to activate phones. One phone I kept paying for but never able use. There customer service personnel are so untrained some times I think I am deal with mentally challenged people.

I want to add 2 people to my party but I can not figure it out with there help

They never call back, even if they promise they will.





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Personally, I feel they aren't in it to make money. We are the testers for VZW. Testing their new cloud technology. Testing their future infrastructure that will replace their legacy system and so on. VZW can't do this with their postpaid customers.


The trade-offs are lower priced service for us. But there are also negative trade-offs such as activation issues and lower quality customer service


This is just my theory and I don't work for Visible or anything

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I think they collect our data and may use it for sales... Its a lot of money... 😀


Party: Go you your account, copy link and email or share it with text with people you would like to add to your party. After they click on it and apply, you go to your account again/ go to my party/ and approve them one by one. I hope it helps.


You also can join our party if you'd like 😉. We have more than 180 members.😉

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Visible is Verizon's test network. They tinker with it to see if it's worth using on their post paid primary network.


The lack of no walk in stores or able to talk to customer service over the phone is the trade off for prices being so low