Yahoo Mobile! Movers to Visible Beware !!!

Novice II

I am trying to move from Yahoo Mobile to Visible after the big marketing push to move all yahoo mobile users since yahoo is being sold etc. Its been an absolute nightmare.

Had not has phone service for two days now with no way of getting back your phone number.
Visible has people in chat very good at chatting but not sure if anything is happening behind the scenes as you've Zero visibility and no updates whatsoever.
So a customer service (only chat is available) who could simply be a friend with absolutely no ability to actually support or solve any problems, including tech support. Its my main phone number and I've no way to knowing if its lost or even going to be moved to Visible.

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Same thing is happening to me. I learned this morning that my number as assigned to another Visible customer.  I was able to speak to him, and he is as frustrated as me.  He is also a new customer trying to move his number over.   


TLDR; Choose to get an actual SIM card when porting. DO NOT GET AN ESIM. 
Yah, this migration has been terrible. Iโ€™ve had Yahoo Mobile since day 1, but they lost my number when porting over! Three days later and they finally got it back to me; thankfully Visible hadnโ€™t given it away. I read in the fine print on the migration website that you cannot choose esim when switchingโ€ฆ but there was no other warnings and I didnโ€™t see it until it was too late.

Novice II

Finally got the number ported over. The service works great and cell service is available everywhere Verizon is which is great. 
two days and no real feedback or way to reach the techies at Visible however after the porting was completed, the good feeling after the dark tunnel is great.

I'm up and online after activation.

Important to note: you cannot choose esim when switchingโ€ฆ but there was no other warnings and I didnโ€™t see it until it was too late.

Novice II

Wow, I had been debating whether to move to YahooMobile or Visible and decided Visible would be best since it was the underlying company plus the discounts!  Glad your drama is over.  If you haven't already joined a party, would you kindly consider joining mine?  Thanks.



Lost my service for over 24 hours and spent countless hours in chats and on the phone with supervisors. Now that my service is finally working they cant seem to figure out how to switch over the insurance. I have an email from visible insurance saying I have till the 27th to switch it over but when I ask a rep about it they say I never had the insurance. I have now forwarded my bills from yahoo showing I was paying for it. Boo to Visible