$20 discount


I first set up a Visible account.  I then used a referral code to get $20 off the first month.  I then joined a party with lots of people so I knew it would not affect me if some cancelled their service.  I found  Bee Happy   had over 1000 members.  I chose to use the eSim option for my AppleXR.  Everything worked except incoming and outgoing calls.  I used the customer service chat and they had me remove the Sim card in my phone, reloaded and everything works great.



I forgot to add promo code during checkout. Is there a way to use code after checkout.

Unfortunately, they don't allow

*double post*

I also forgot to enter my promo code when signing up, so I connected with the Care Team via chat on their app and explained my situation. The said that they could apply the discount to my second month of service billing and added a note to my account. All that I would need to do after activating my new phone service is to chat with an agent again. Chat with them to see if they will still apply the discount for you - "Them's that don't ask, don't get", eh?  Good luck!