Verizon home internet discount promo

Has anyone else experienced Verizon removing the discount for home internet? 


I signed up for this in January of '23 and I just found out today that the discount was removed because according to Verizon, the promotion expired.




it is odd that Verizon says that it is discontinued but according to the information about the plans on Visible's website it is still offered at $5 discount for the base plan and $10 discount if on the plus plan. Maybe want to confirm with Visible customer service and see what they say. Bad thing is you could ask 6 different agents and get different answers.

Hi DeanKevin64, Ace contributor for the Visible community forum et al


I had a chat with Hugo in support for Visible and ended up deciding that he needed to talk to his supervisor.

Before that I spent a long time with so many different departments with Verizon support, I used up all my words andthey felt that it was solved by declaring the promotion over for me. 


I'm hoping that the team here at Visible gets with Verizon and they either get it straightened out or they reword the wording in the promo.

I have been using Visible since around 2020 and still delighted with the service and price but I sure feel like Verizon is doing something shady.  they even changed my 10 year price lock guarantee to a two year. 

 I'm blessed that I can get connected through whatever provider I want with or without a promo so whatever happens, I'm not losing any sleep over it. 


Is there a way to get the attention of someone at visible that knows what their promotions are? I spent over 30 minutes trying to explain to a cs agent that I had a problem with my promo,  then 30 more asking the cs agent to have a supervisor contact me so we could set up a time for me to discuss the issue I was discussing with the cs agent. after chatting with that agent for over an hour,  he didn't know what we were discussing!,  I said, the discussion about the promo, and then circle back to it being a verizon promo,  it's right there offered  by visible along with the plan description... oh,.... that is only for this visible plan... that is the plan I have .... well it isn't a visible promo......  please ask your supervisor to contact me to arrange a time I can discuss this with them, ...discuss what? ... the promo....what promo? ....