Banned after free trial

I took advantage of the free trial, but wasn't ready to switch at the end of the trial. A couple months later, I decided to make the switch to Visible. I was unable to activate the service because my account was now inactive. Support told me I would need to use a different email address. I tried to sign up with a new account with my work email address, but they wouldn't let me use that email address because it had a number in it. I decided that if Visible is going to make it this difficult for new customers to sign up, they aren't likely to want to keep them. Reluctantly, I switched over to another provider.  But I wanted to leave this feedback so perhaps others can avoid the problems I had. I also hope Visible will make it easier for new customers to sign up and remove these ridiculous restrictions. I may check back with them in a year or so and if they will allow me to sign up with my original email address or use my work email address, I will possibly sign up then.


In won't help to come back in a year. Emails from what I have saw and read are one and done and Visible doesn't seem to play well with number and special characters in an email address. 


My advice for those that have this same issue, the simple solution would have been to go to MSN, Hotmail, Gmail or where ever and just create a new email address that doesn't have numbers or special characters. If this isn't an option then another carrier might be better suited for you.