Midnight phone call issues


I have a few phones on visible plans and after update my midnight phone has issues calling and hanging up with certain other phones. If I call a phone that is an iPhone and on att network it doesn't ring while connecting, flashes an error code about calling app not working, then it won't hang up and I have to restart my phone. It happens with several different people that all have that style phone with that service provider. My old actel and also my galaxy don't have those issues. I've updated also factory reset all my midnights with no change. Also all my service has gotten worse. What's going on here visible?



Dramosa I have the same issue w/ my Visible Midnight when I call a certain iPhone number.  Exactly as you describe including "won't hang up, have to restart phone".  Have tried many fixes with no result.  


Visible can you offer some ideas on this please?

This is a peer to peer forum so you won't get help from customer service here in the forums. You may make to start a new conversation in the need help forum here and maybe another peer/customer can help that has had that issue but these forums don't get many visitors. You would have better luck contacting customer service by chat or social media platforms such as Instagram, FB Messenger, Visible's Reddit care page, X or Twitter. If you use chat type agent or live agent, you may need to type it more than once to get by the chat bot.


Good luck with your issue!