New promotion availability


I just joined Visible about six weeks ago and I see they have a new promotion with a lower price for 24 months.  But they will not give it to current customers.  This seems very unfair and I want to know if any current customers have been able to use the new promotion.


Novice III

Nope. This is how companies pull in new customers. It's not a new practice and used often but companies to increase their consumer base. Existing customers sometimes see deals to upgrade their plan, but that's about it.  I only but unlocked phones so I can jump ship if another deal comes up somewhere else. It's the game. Why would they give you a discount if they already have you as a customer? 


Nope, it's only for new customers. Think of it as a marketing plan to get new people to sign up, just like banks or credit cards give sign up bonuses to get new customers.