poor reliability of service


I am posting this using my mint mobile account (tmobile) because I can't reliably connect to the internet today (for most of the  day - 4/12) . This has been happening frequently.  I needed more than the 20gb that mint allows and 50gb of high speed sounded good.  Bullsh**.  I haven't used 30 and experience dial up speeds or no internet at all. I replaced a perfectly good phone which works with everyone elses system to meet their requirement. ( Can you spell grift?) I am a retired visually impaired person and I don't need this cr*p.


It doesn't sound like you are getting the premium data. Do you have the Visible Plus plan or the basic plan? You need the plus plan(the $45 plan) to get the 50GB of premium data. The base plan even though it is unlimited with no data caps it is deprioritized so if there is a lot of traffic/congestion on the towers in your area then the data speeds on the the base plan can be unusable at times.


If you are on the plus plan get ahold of Visible customer service and have them do a re-provision on your SIM, it is possible you may not be getting the priority data.

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Yeah, agree with DeanKevin64 here. I've had Mint and Verizon Wireless together for awhile now. I moved from Verizon to Visible and it's identical to Verizon Wireless. Mint, where I live, has 1-2 bars and often reception disappears due to the de-prioritization. Our mother in law has the base Visible plan and she has almost identical service that we do (we live next to a Verizon tower).

I would start troubleshooting the phone - reboot the phone, turn cellular data on/off. One of the reasons why Visible is so cheap is because they don't maintain store fronts or an 800 customer service number. Hope you were able to figure this out.