Here is information about the old Party Pay plan being shutdown.

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If you have not upgraded read below. You will need to manually pay your July payment because July 1st autopay will be shut off for those on the old plan. You will have 30 days from your payment due date to upgrade or lose service. I am not an employee of Visible but this is how I interpret what has been said. This is from an announcement on Visible's Reddit page. From what I have read a new email has been sent out and this will explain it more.


Hey Visible subreddit members,


We understand that some of you may not have had the chance to transition to the upgraded network, and we want to make sure you are well-informed! Here is a list of answers to some commonly asked questions:


  • When will the old network shut down?

If you have not migrated, the network your plan currently relies on will be shut down in September. Your service and all account access will terminate on or before that time if you have not yet moved to a plan on the new network. We want you to keep your service, and to achieve this we need you to transition to a plan on the upgraded network.


  • What happens if you haven't upgraded yet?

If you own a compatible device and want to keep your service up and running, we need you to upgrade to the new network. If you own an incompatible device, you must upgrade to a compatible one. If you have an incompatible device, you may not be able to access our new network, or some of the critical features of the new network will not work with your current device. We value you as a Visible member, and we want to ensure your service remains active and uninterrupted!

To confirm if your device is compatible with our new network, check out our Compatibility Checker.


  • What will happen with my Visible payments?

After July 1, autopay will be turned off for the users that have not migrated to the new network. You will only be able to make a manual payment for your July payment, as your existing plan won’t be up for renewal after that and you may only continue service on the new network with one of our current plans.

For clarity, if you are using autopay, your payment will still process if your payment date is before July 1 (covering 30 days of service). Then, when your July payment comes up, autopay will not be an option and you will only be able to make a one-time manual payment. Once you make that manual payment, you will have 30 days to migrate to the upgraded network or your service will be terminated when your service cycle ends.


  • How can I avoid service termination?

If you have a compatible device, in order to avoid service termination, you need to select a new plan on our upgraded network. You'll get faster network response times, less lag (for improved gaming and video experiences), improved call reliability, and the same unlimited data all for just $25/mo on the Visible plan. If you have an incompatible device, you need to upgrade to a newer phone to avoid service interruption.


  • How can I ensure I keep my phone number?

While we hope you choose to upgrade to our new network, if you decide to leave Visible and want to keep your number, you need to request to port out your phone number before September, while your service is still active. We don’t want you to lose your number, but failure to port before our network shuts down may result in it. Keep in mind to not cancel your Visible service before initiating the port-out request.

Need more information about the network migration? Check out our latest FAQ section!



If this is true, it is not what I was told on the June Superuser conference call. My wife is on the old plan and has not received any such notification.

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It was posted on Visible's Reddit page by an employee. There has already been one thread here asking about it and a few on Reddit that have got it. I am just posting this here to stop anymore "do I really have to upgrade" threads. Visible seems to have gone about this shutdown in the wrong way. They should have just put an end date back in August or September for 6 months out and been done with it. 


Another thing is the gifts and promos to get people to move. Sure I waited until February when the valued member discount came out but then these free phone deals and $100 gift cards came out after. All of these deals should have been offered from day one, then give the customers 6 months to upgrade. Made me mad that I had to buy a new(like new used) phone just to be compatible and I didn't need it since my old phone actually worked.



@rjniles - If you haven't been notified, that's not good.  Hopefully they are sending something out very soon about it.

skibik's source:

@Anonymous - I appreciate you posting and sharing this information.  Maybe a moderator can pin it on here.

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