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I used to really like Visible, and what's not to appreciate about straightforward pricing as low as $25 per month. Until I had to deal (multiple times) with customer service. It is all done through text. If you think you have a simple issue, expect it to take at least 2 hours to resolve. Between agents not actually paying attention to what you wrote as the issue (they clearly scan the messages and see key phrases or words and assume), and thus, having to re-write and re-phrase multiple times, plus waiting for replies whilst they, presumably, multi-task with other customers, you'll waste a good chunk of your time and energy. Unfortunately, most cheap phone companies I've compared online w/re to customer service all have the same type of rating - very poor. I guess it's true that you "get what you pay for." I feel like Visible knows they're cheap and uses that to sit back and relax about not losing customers. It's total disrespect, as if us (assumed) "poor people" don't deserve the best. Classic mentality in our capitalistic country.

Also, I recently moved to another large, metropolitan area where I get virtually no service with Visible - like it's one bar, all the time. When I contacted them about this (twice), I received no explanation or apology. Instead, they ran me through all sorts of iPhone settings and blamed my state of the line device. Wow.

This review is looking pretty epic! Nice!