terrible service


It's been about a week since I joined Visible and bought a phone from them (a Galaxy A13). I have terrible service. I taken all the steps below multiple times:

1. Connected to WIFI
2. Android up to date
3. Visible app up to date
4. reinstalled SIM card
5. turned phone on and off
6. followed Settings suggestions from online discussions

Then chatting with Help Desk I also:
1. Checked SIM #
2. checked Data roaming (HD wanted Roaming off)
3. checked voLTE call SIM 1 (HD wanted LTE on)

Three 2-hour chats with the Help Desk have got me nowhere (the staff are nice, though). Now I have a call scheduled with their technical experts in an hour. I anticipate they will do yet another SIM card reprovision, and they might ask me to do all the steps again. Unless they come up with a new idea, I'm not sure what to do. This has been hugely costly for me; I have missed hours of work trying to get my phone working and cannot communicate with friends. Will Visible compensate me?




Don’t do it. 4 days without service trying to active e sim and than when I finally got through to them the customer service agent was rude, couldn’t speak a word of English. Pay more for better service and a better experience