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Welcome discount duration?

For existing customers who have 'upgraded' to Visible and Visible+ before the end of March 2023, how long will we have the discounted rate?

KRS03 by Novice III
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This is Paula i'm glad to be part of the  v s ble family.


In chat again!!!!!- On the day of signup, 72 hours to fix phone.- Two weeks later e sim not working, another 9 hours in chat- Since the fixed my e sim they said i didn't port my number fast enough and tried to remove my promotions...another 8 hours t...

sirmuzz by Novice III
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Visible phones.

Don't purchase your phone from their website unless you want to overpay! While comparing phone specs I was redirect to the Motorola website where the same phone with twice the memory was $150. less then what visible was offering.