Novice III
Status: New

The app automatically logs you out after 5 minutes of inactivity. It needs to stay logged in for over an hour to accommodate chat wait times. You'll get in the queue only to have the app log you out. It doesn't save your place. The website does the same thing, but at least the timer is a lot longer and you can keep clicking on links to extend it.

Novice II

Same. It's so maddening. I'm trying the website now as I've been kicked off twice this morning after waiting over an hour each time. Last time supposedly they had found the issue only for the app to drop me. Why did I leave Verizon. Saving per month isn't worth this ridiculous hassle. 


That's a good suggestion.



I realize I'm an outlier here being older than likely most users, but it still boggles my mind that some people do not have anything other than a phone AND would attempt to chat on a telephone, even those tablet sized monstrosities. While I'm still frustrated with the wait times to chat with Visible, I've never had a problem with a chat log out on the web (so far).