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Backend Activation Issues - Still Not Helped By Customer Service

Novice II

For the last four weeks, I have tried to work with customer service to solve our issue. Four weeks ago, my wife and I switched to Visible. After five different attempts with customer service, I decided I would post publicly to see if this can be solved. Please read the entire post. Also, I hope someone from Visible is monitoring this thread. 


After receiving our SIMs, my phone activated problem free... just as expected. My wife's phone appeared to have activated. She was now on the Visible network, receiving phone calls, and sending texts. I have screen shots to show it. However, the app continued to say that she need to activate her SIM before the app would allow her to finish registering, setting up payment, joining a party, or using the chat feature for help. 



As expected, I was asked to reboot the phone. Done. I was asked to remove the SIM and replace it. Done. I Then asked to remove the SIM, reboot the phone, and replace the SIM. Done. Next, uninstall the app and reinstall. Done. After about 35 minutes of working through these steps (which I had done before the call), I was told that the issue would be escalated and that I would hear back in 48 hours. Nothing. 



This was actually the most helpful call. After verifying the account and the ticket number, I was told that it was a backend issue. The Visible team had tried to force activation multiple times and couldn't get it to go through. They also suggested that I contact our previous carrier because it seemed like the phone number had not been released. And of course the number had been ported. My wife was receiving calls and texts, but the account would not recognize it. I was told we would receive a confirmation email that the issue had been solved with 48 hours. In the meantime, I reached out to our previous carrier and was told that the account was closed and the number released. Still no email. 



I gave it a few days before reaching out again. This time, I provided the ticket number and asked the rep to read through the ticket before we proceeded. She said that it appeared the account was active and was working properly. She suggested rebooting the phone, to try reinstalling the app, and give it about 24 hours and it should be solved. Before we hung up I was given an updated ticket number. 



After 24 hours the app still said to activate the account. So, I reached out again and provided the ticket number. I was told that everything was working fine. I asked which phone number appeared to work fine. It was confirmed that my account (not my wife's) was working fine. Yes, of course. Once it was clear that I was speaking about my wife's account and confirmed that I had access, Kevin asked, "Why are you trying to solve a problem for your wife?" I said, "If you need to know in order to solve the problem, I manage all our tech. Is that sufficient?" Kevin confirmed that there was still a backend issue, increased the priority, told me a manager was now working on the solution, and that we would hear back via email within 48 hours. For the first time, we received an email though it was still beyond 48 hours. Sure enough, the account in the app now said activated and allowed my to login. Unfortunately, none of the other services in the app work. She's still unable to join or create a party. 



I chatted in again from my device, verified both accounts, provided the ticket number, and explained the problem had not yet fully been solved. My wife cannot join or create a party. The solution provided was to logout, remove the app, reboot the phone, reinstall the app, login again and that it should work fine. Done. Problem remains. I asked if the backend problem still existed, she said it had been resolved. I was then told that we likely were not setting up the party correctly or maybe not following the steps correctly to join a party... user error. So, I asked that if this still didn't solve the issue would we be charged full price $40 for either account since the issue was a Visible error and that the problem still existed. She assured me (and I have screen shots) that my wife would be charged $35 per month if it wasn't resolved. I asked about my account since we would be in a party together. Yes, I would also be charged $35 for the month. Great, well that sounded like a fine solution. Today, I received my notifications from PayPal that both accounts were charged $40. What gives? And my wife is still unable to join a party, create a party, or use the chat feature in the help button. 


So here we are, Visible. What's next? 


Novice II

I'm feeling your pain. They couldn't activate my brand new iPhone 12 with an eSIM so I ordered a physical card. I used the physical card; went through the activation process; was charged $25 and my phone still doesn't work. The person I chatted with told me it might be fixed in 48 hours. I'm not a happy camper.

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

I would do another chat, screenshot the Paypal $40 charges, and ask for $10 in credits to Paypal, or $10 for next months service. 


I am sorry this has been your experience so far.

If a post has solved your problem, please mark it as an acceptable solution, it helps others that may have experienced a similar issue get a quick resolution.

Unfortunately, they can’t receive screens shots through the chat, only through social media which I abandoned more than a year ago. 

Novice II

Clearly, Visible does not pay attention to the forums. That’s too bad. 

Novice II

Escalate your case to FCC. 

Here the link

Novice II

Call #6

The problem is still not fixed. Though my wife got her saying, we’re working on it. Not, it should all be resolved now, but we’re working on it. That was more than a week ago. She still can’t join a party. Though, this time customer service again assured me that both of our accounts would receive discounts this month. Time will tell. 

in another post someone said, it’s a trade off of customer service for lowers prices. There should be no trade off. I have access to customer service and Visible should be responsible to provide the services that they promote. The trade off shouldn’t be, “It might work like we described.”