On the Road - Visible Deactivates Service


Help - I going on 4 days now without mobile service because the eSIM will not activate on my phone.  Background:  I ported to Visible and it worked fine for 2 weeks.  Then I upgraded to iPhone 14 and had to have 2-3 chat sessions (2-3 hours total) to get the phone working.  Then one week later Sunday Oct 2 Visible stopped working.  And ever since, I've been in a 3 (now going on 4 day) cycle of chat sessions that take 45 - 60 minutes to get to support, then repeating the same process over and over of uninstall Visible App, then delete eSIMs, then reload App, reboot, ...    My issue has been escalated to central support 3 times and that is not resolving it.  And to top it off, last night after 3 hours of chat support, my chat representative just disappeared.  Chat window remained up and I could post to it, but Raz just disappeared.  And since then, no follow up in email nor reconnect to me in anyway.  For example, it would have been nice to have email, "Mr Steve, sorry we got disconnected, please use this link to get to our super duper support team to help you continue resolving your issue."  Instead, I wake up to day 4 and now start the Chat support window again and will hear things like "Hi I'm Special Agent blah blah.  I want to make your issue inVisible, ... "  and more such sweat sugar support words that are not adding any value to my already frustrated situation.  


I have a special note to Visible executives:  Fix your support model.  It is not working.