Transfer from old phone

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Will I be able to transfer my apps, messages, contacts, etc. from my old phone when I sign up for visible and how is this accomplished? Also, is there a customer service number where you can reach a representative for assistance if there are issues?


There is no number for customer service to call, to get a hold of customer service you can do that by chat or private message on one of the social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram , X, or their customer care Reddit page.


As for transferring information and apps to the new phone you would be better off doing a Google search as it would depend on whether it is an iPhone or an Android and brand of android. My Motorola phone I was able to do it through my Google account but can't remember exact procedure but think it used Google service or Drive.

Thank you


Yes transferring app and app data (like contacts etc.) is subjective whether you have Android or iPhone, and whether you are updating the settings over iCloud or Google Play services. This has nothing to do with the cellular service provider. 



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