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Red State - Phone Keeps rebooting


Hi, hoping someone can help.  I just got my  phone today, charged it up and it wont come on.  It has been rebooting every 5 seconds with this Message "Red State Your Device failed verification and may not work properly.  Please download boot image with correct signature or disable verified boot.  Your device will reboot in 5 seconds"  and it wont let me even turn the phone off it just keeps rebooting every 5 seconds.  Any recommendations or did I just get a Dud?  Thanks in advance .  


Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

If this is a new phone I would return and ask for a replacement.  Sounds like the OS, memory or something is corrupted.

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Bonjour, je viens d'acheter un portable sous android 11 et j'ai le même problème, j'ai chercher à le rebooter de 3 façon mais rien y fait ??? je bug  aussi, pas de solution ?