Android watch plan


As you have a plan for Apple watch when will I be able to use an Android watch with visible?



Hello there!
We are really happy to hear that you wish to use your Android Smart Watch with our service! At the moment we do not have a plan for Android watches, but we are working each day to make sure that we will expand and cover more devices in the future.

They need to they been working for months on having android watches supported. Going to lose customers before they fill add Android. I'm will switch carriers before I switch to Apple and buy all new devices when mine are new 4/21

Haha if ya can for apple this Ling now ya know you can for Android. Im tired of waiting and will switch providers before I have to buy a new phone and watch

Novice II

Unbelievable visible can not answer this question. Yet all other providers have no issues allowing Android watches. 

Novice II

Yes, still told the answer is that we don't support it but we might in the future.  It seems people have been asking for 2 years so the future is now.  Come on man Apple isn't the only game out there.  I would be instested in adding my Watch 6 for $5 more like you can with apple watch.