Appreciation post: for Visible customer care


I realize that Visible wants customers to contact them in non-traditional ways, including Tweeting/DMing them. I want to say thank you to the hard working people that work in customer care. They genuinely try to help, they read the submitted questions and don't work off a script, and they are ok in my book.


To me, they are an asset to this new model of providing phone service.


Thank you customer care.

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They do try their best to help and understand what's going on and usually do a fairly good job!!  

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There is still a long way to go before I'd consider them a shining example of customer service excellence.  I haven't had any issues but there are plenty of horror stories.  I appreciate all the effort though. 

Working as a IT Help Desk supervisor, I know how this works now and feel sorry for agents when they don't have the tools to help on first call, but I also know that you can't give tier 1 agents 100% of the tools needed


I know, I know, customers feel like their issues should be resolved first chat, first call, and so on.  Heck, in the support industry, it's actually a metric we are graded on, but a lot of issues are fairly advanced and need to be sent to other teams to dig into.


Just remember, the next time you want to cuss (I know, not everyone cusses out support agents) out a support agent, there is a face on the other end of that phone, one likely making $10 - $15 an hour if working in America.  Probably much less elsewhere.  The tier 2 and 3 agents do make a lot more but there are much fewer of those so they need to be filtered through the tier 1 otherwise a company, especially one with $25 phone service

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My thanks to the customer service agents. 


Let me apologize in advance for any future negative attitude, being rude and being a tripolar mental case.


Keep up the good work and try not to let ignorant people ruin your work day.

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need help with MMS can't receive them