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Is Visible too good to be true?

Community Manager
Community Manager


Some people really think Visible is too good to be true. To show and prove Visible is offering a free trial starting on January 6th! However, the real proof is from our members. So post your service testimonial here for all to see and you might get a shout out from our team at Visible!


DS-Community Manager

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DS: you have left a couple of important facts out. The free trial is for iPhone users only, and only certain models. You can find more info on the free 15 day trial here:



Novice III

It's not fake! These are my speedtests from 5G on Visible in a stadium!


The service was great for the first 4 months or so. Deprioritization wasn't horrible. The speeds were usable. Now, it seems like it is unusable during business hours. I am currently getting dial-up speeds until 9-10 pm most of the time and then the speeds only hit just above 4 Mbps for download. I'm not sure what is going on but it isn't a pleasant experience right now. 

Can you descibe (without being too specific) what kind of neighborhood you live in, and if you travel with, what a typical trip is, and whether you're using it as a direct phone item or a portable hotspot for the Switch.


I use it almost exclusively at hone and always as a modem for my Switch and Xbox.  It geys fairly consistent 5 M in / 5bM out.  They may sound low, byt considering the DSL xompany has a monopoly of land internet at 1.6 M in 400k out, Visible serves my need.


I understand I am the outlier customer, one county away from a city with a pro sports team, by an intersection of 2 interstates, in an area which has no good land internet mainly because we are pinned between a railroad and 2 interstates and have only on north south street and 3 east west ribs in the course of 2-3 miles.


In my situation Government limits on Visible's hotspot is my enemy firm me getting even better home internet.


Everyone at the Visible Network Map and Math center say it's the government regulation keeping my connection low.


However if you're in a  residential suburban area that's not by a freeway, then maybe that's natural traffic conditions.


BTW if your speed has a unit of Mb/s and hasva single digit from 9 to 1, that's not dial up.  Today that may seem like dial up, but you know dial up unless you had it for 7 years. If you had literal dial up, prepare to keep the computer on for days, not hours.  Especially when the minimum speed limit is raised by having basic Nintendo Switch games take at least 1 GB, and those load in an hour with Visible 5 M in / 5 M out.


Yeah same here 😞  Real bummer.....people won't want to join.  This is not a good representation of Visible/Verizon!


I'm far enough out that there is no DSL available and there are no neighbourhoods or traffic close enough to interfere with signals. I suppose something has changed in the area to create interference because it was working pretty well a few months ago.


As for dial-up speeds, I've been getting regularly 42+ kb/s on downloads which btw is dial-up speeds. When 12:30 am or later rolls around, I go back to near normal speeds I was seeing previously so It certainly seems like deprioritization is involved in some way.


Anyhow, It isn't like I have much of a choice. There is nothing else available. I had T-mobile before and signal strength was one bar on the phone at most. It also lacked an unlimited hotspot as well. Everyone else is simply too overpriced for what they offer, AT&T is the worst offender. 

Novice II

We had Boost for 7 years and used the hotspot everytime we went camping with no problems.  Believe it or not, we rarely had any issues but switched over for the great rate!  Now we are suffering without or SLOW coverage everyday.  Yikes!