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Are you using a VPN with your Visible service?


If so, which one? Are you happy with it?


I am aware of the advice about not using a free service.


I am curious what your experience is like.


Intermediate III

@beav @@ I use (spell it with numbers in the app store). While it isn't a true VPN, it does help a lot and depending on your goals it might be all you need. It provides safer browsing, gets around some of the video limits, and so on. I also use nord vpn at times. It's a more true VPN but also cost money


Note, a lot of times VPNs will actually slow down your data if in an area that has good speeds!   Try first and see if it meets your needs before paying for nord or something

Intermediate III

@beav I have tried using several VPNs and the speed is almost. However, for netflix, speed is uncapped using VPN.

Novice III

I've been using Proton VPN for over two years now and it's been consistently fast and secure. Yep, I use the free version. It's available on PC, IOS, and Android. I also have Windscribe but I use that mostly for its ability to block Ads and cookies that don't get caught by uBlock Origin and/or Kaspersky.

Novice III

Torguard is great for vpn but I don't feel the need to use it to make visible better.