Bad word caution light vs stop sign

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There's some words that are objectively bad. Like the ones that get you fined by the FCC.  But sometimes if you're adult enough they could be used as an art form like the Angry Video Game Nerd does.


Some of these Auto sensor words are very eager to red light certain words.


About 2 to 4 weeks ago I discovered a two letter word that was illegal according to visible's swear sensor, and considering the type of business visible is,  you couldn't say a product of yours word because they are contained inside a larger word whi


Maybe it should get flagged with a yellow flag saying it might be bad based on context but since computers can't read context very well and just soullessly read letters (and even "soullessly" was a word substitution for the easy word for how computers read letters). 


One time I had a two-word phrase censored but it wasn't directed from me to another person but was saying this one company did that action to themselves when they heard some complaint.


Surprisingly there was a big drop in community activity from 1 month ago to 2 months ago. When I caught that bad word alarm set to over-sensitive.


Maybe after the computer flag it should ask for some of these borderline words"do you think it's used in a non-hateful way, not directed toward anyone, and  that could be said in front of 10 year olds?  If so, It will be read by human editors.  Would you like to clean it up yourself, or would you rather send it to a holding bin where human editors could read it and edit it for the purposes of cleaning it up if neccessary? If you say no  to both,  we recommend you do not send it.  If you send something too adults-only or too hateful towards someone, Visible could take action and ban you from chat."


By the way it caught a bad word when I typed the series of numbers.  I was trying to describe the years when certain regulations were against the cellular industry from acting like a home ISP.  And a 4-Digit year with a dash and another four digit year showing the time frame that that was law has been declared legal because the last six digits and dash in the middle is a bad word according to the visible bad word bot.


I don't know what so special about the bad set if numbers, because I if there is a bad context that number combination can be used in, it wasn't in mine.


I agree it is to sensative.  I hope they fix this.

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I agree it is to sensative.  I hope they fix this.