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How are we doing!? 🤷‍♂️💡

VisiSquad, Transparency is key, so I wanted to start a thread and get some feedback from our members. Let me know what you think about the community and what you think we can do to make it better.  I am especially interested in the topics, discussio...



My incoming calls go to voice mail after 2 rings. I've tried to reset using * * 61 * 13065206245 * * number of seconds #. But I get an error message that says invalid MMI code. Galaxy S10e. Any thoughts?

Text Messges

Why are some of my outgoing texts green even when its with another iPhone user? Some are free and some are blue. AhhhhAlso, why can't I send audio messages to the people that are getting green texts from me? I've done the reset network settings twice...

fw by Novice
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Other Samsung Phones?

Hello people. I'm interested in Visible but would rather use another model Samsung 5G phone, if possible. I was thinking of buying an unlocked Samsung A51_5G (different than the one offered through Visible). I haven't bought the phone yet so I don't ...

baturro by Novice III
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Contacting Visible

Is there a phone number I can call to actually speak with a member of the Visible Care Team live rather than having to do it via chat?

OnePlus 8 - Do Not Purchase Through Visible

DO NOT purchase this device from Visible!!! The version you receive from Visible does not receive OS updates. The Visible store page links you to the OnePlus8 page, but that isn't the phone you are buying. Avoid at all costs. EDIT- Title was changed ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Do we have to bring our own number?

Hi folks, What I'm hoping to do is buy a phone from Visible and join the service, but I don't have a phone number to bring. In a case like that, does Visible issue a number or how does it work? Thanks in advance. Mike

Resolved! Multiple Accounts On Same Card?

We are trying to move our family plan from another carrier to individual accounts with Visible. I was able to order one phone (out of 5 needed) but when I try to order the second one on the next account, the site won't accept my card. I tried chattin...

5C by Novice
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