Call history


Is there a way to view my call history?


other than in your phone call log not that I am aware of.


I need my phone records to prove my innocence.


I started a text/home call record request on Saturday morning, Feb 11. When I clicked the box to put in a “custom” series of dates to obtain, the page stopped working and crashed. I reloaded the page, and it took me back to the home page. When I went to go back to restart my request, Im blocked from restarting it because it says I already have a request in and I must wait until it’s done first. But there is no way to restart where it left off…. It’s just stuck in limbo, and no one from Visible can restart it. 

What do I do?

I did this - it seemed to work, but the email said data would be ready in 45 days.  45 days? I am having trouble understanding why fetching data from Visible records/databse is a 45 day process.


Can I look at the last 6 months of my call history