Calls being redirected to scam number


Has anyone else been having their outbound calls redirected to a scam number? This has happened when calling multiple different 800 numbers. 

I spoke with someone about it this morning and they took me through this entire process to reset my sim, but then never told me what caused this issue or if my information had been compromised. I asked them to tell me more about what happened, but then they said "it is probably a glitch". But that same rep also told me the same situation has happened to others. 


When I came back to chat, they denied everything that was said in the previous conversation, and kept saying nothing is wrong (direct contradiction of the previous chat). I also tried to retrieve my previous chat transcript (because the download transcript option at the end of the chat delivered and empty file, and it took 3 HOURS of asking them to get that for me. I was told they don't have it, they can't access it, they can't email it to me, so many things. 

It sounds like they are trying to cover up a security breach. You should be cautious. I am already in the process of switching to a different company after seeing their complete lack of transparency and blatant lies.