Chat not working?


I've been trying for about 36 hours to chat with Visible with zero luck.  I've tried the website, the phone app and FB Messenger but nothing is working.  What is going on?


I feel your pain. I have tried 4 times and got as close as number 28 and then got cut off 

Yeah, I need a new SIM card because I lost my phone this past weekend. How am I supposed to get through and take care of this?



Here is what I tried that seems to be working as of 9/30/2022:


1. Sign in to your computer (not the phone app)

2. Click on the chat icon in the lower right of the screen

3. Fill in the information under "Chat with us"

4. Click on the blue button to start chat

5. Wait for the screen with the three bouncing dots

6. (this is important) If you get a message saying you are 50 or under in line just wait for about 10 minutes

   Once you get to zero you can start chatting with a live human


7.  If you don't get the message "You are xx in line" set a timer for 30 minutes

8. Go about other business on your computer.

9. Check back after the timer goes off

10. If you still dont have the message "you are xx in line" go to step 7

11.  If you do have the message, wait until you are 0 in line



Note: If you waited too long and a live human comes on the screen don't panic.   They will wait a while for you while they chat with other customers on their own screen.    If that doesn't work start over at step 1.


That's it!

Thanks for the info. I don't have a computer so I'm stuck with the app and no customer support.


I am unable to log into visible from my computer - keep getting server error try back in 30 seconds.  I tried clearing my history and I still get the error.