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Speed comparison to T-Mobile

Here are some comparisons of data speeds between T-Mobile 5G and Visible 4G in my first week : Running speedtest.net in the browser of my Samsung Android cellphone: Visible: 8-35 megabytes-per-second download T-Mobile: one hundred to 150 megabytes-pe...

Incomplete Phone Compatibility - Samsung SM-G977U

Just moved to Visible today and brought along my Samsung SM-G977U. Prior to moving from Google Fi, I confirmed phone was compatible and 5G was available in my area. Sadly, now that I ported my number I no longer have 5G access. Visible support says t...

iPhone 13 Availability

Hello all. So the Apple September event will be happening next Tuesday on the 14th. Apple is likely to announce the iPhone 13 then with release dates and pre-order dates this month. I'm really looking forward to getting this phone. However, I'm wonde...

One Plus 8 and 5G

When will Visible support 5G on the Oneplus 8? I have the Verizon version 5G UW and it is supported on Verizon itself...why not on Visible?


Hi I just paid off my S twenty- one five g with Verizon. It is less than 6 months old. The compatibility list says it is compatible but when I entered the imei it says my phone doesn't work with us. Is there anyway this could be wrong or could it be ...