Constant lost of service


My data and cell continuously goes out all day and night, to the point where my phone tells me that it isn't registered on a network and I can only make emergency calls. This has been happening for weeks now. I would like to know what is wrong with Verizon's network.


This is not just a Visible problem. I have access to StraightTalk, Tracfone, Verizon and Visible (all are on Verizon's network) and they are all experiencing the same problem. I've already lost service three times while trying to post this.


Is there anyone else having similar issues? Any ideas on how to fix this that doesn't include the useless airplane mode toggling/power cycling stuff that does absolutely nothing to improve anything at all?


Any suggestions would be appreciated.




Is this issue with all Verizon networks using the same phone or different phones? I ask because this could be an issue with your phone and might not have anything to do with the Verizon network.


Only suggestion would be is to try AT&T or T-Mobile instead.

I have not been having any issues. This sounds like it might be a SIM issue. If you have a physical

SIM, you might try using eSIM.

Hope this helps.

Sorry, Dean. I'll use the right reply button this time. Oi!

Different phones, different providers, all using Verizon's network.

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This sounds like it might be a SIM issue. If you have a physical SIM, you might try using e SIM.

Hope this helps.

if a company like Cricket has coverage in your area I would look in to that!  They offer Apple watch now and you can quickly get a human even chat.  If you want a number to call they even have that!  What a surprise real phone support!  I spent 10 hours on with Visible chat the other day and got no where so I feel your pain!  If you feel my comment has been helpful please mark it as an accepted solution.