Visible cannot solve port in problem


Like many others, I also had a terrible experience with Visible. For 14 days, they struggled to port in my previous number, and no one seems to know what's going on, very unprofessional. It didn't get resolved (see below) and I just switched to US mobile where they solved this in less than 3 hours.

Visible initially said I had problem with my zip code for port-in. But it was the correct one, yet I tried a different zip code in case. Of course, it didn't work, and I had another two rounds of trying these two zip codes. Each round took 4~20 hours, wasting 3 days, but still having the same problem. Then comes the chat. The agent asked to re-install eSIM, power-cycle, etc, none of which worked, and I lost connection. Chat again, my case is now "escalated", and I got a phone number to contact. The call was very confusing for both sides, and it turns out that the call was made to "verizon", not "visible", and I learned Verizon do not handle Visible cases. What a misinformation. Chat again, same old suggestions from zip code to eSIM, getting nowhere, escalated again. This all took 5 days.

I gave up and kept using old carrier. On the 13th day, my phone suddenly stopped working, and I got an email from Visible that port in is almost done. I could make a call via Visible but I could not receive incoming calls nor SMS. Chat again. Same old repetition that I had to reject, and my case escalated again. Email from Visible saying "we need a little more information from you, please contact us". Chat again. No one asks for any further information, just repeating same old failed methods. I asked what further information you would need, and they said none. What a misinformation. They asked to re-install eSIM for one last try. I didn’t want to, so ended my chat for now. Chat again, I deleted my eSIM, asking for re-installation. They say now there's a problem doing so, and they cannot just provide me an eSIM but need to escalate again. I tried a new agent, same thing. I was giving up, and voila, on my Visible app, it says "number transfer complete". What a lie! I don't even have an eSIM, no phone service at all. When I check ed with the previous carrier, Tracfone, they say they didn't even receive the port request from Visible. Then what the f they were doing for 14 days?? Still, Visible sent me an email saying "we will give you a new number, and then solve this port-in problem". I didn't take that option, enough is enough.

Instead, I went to US mobile, and their response was instant, and they knew what was going on, exactly telling me what they need from me and from Tracfone, the previous carrier. Within 3 hours I got my eSIM ready with my old number ported in, all working well.

I am deeply disappointed about Visible's incompetence, lack of knowledge, delays in processing, no channel to communicate but chat, asking to repeat failed solution over-and-over again, and still not able to solve the problem. It was a huge waste of my time, stress, distraction, on top of that $25.