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Got my gift cards!

Novice II

After replying to a thread earlier today about gift card timing, I received my two gift cards today. What timing! I have two additional family members that should be receiving the e-mail soon to start the gift card process.


Very happy with Visible service - the 5Mbit hotspot is clutch. Thanks for following through on the Gift cards Visible!


Intermediate III

Enjoy your gift @lambda923 

Visible is awesome and cheapest of all

Intermediate III

Honestly, the way Visible handles gift cards is much better than the old school T-Mobile way that took months even after qualifying! Plus paperwork being sent in and finally waiting for it to be mailed.... Haha, I love the way Visible handles them

Novice II

I received all four of my gift cards for the four lines I switched to Visible! I'm very pleased with Visible, it seems they've been listening the last few weeks to help turnaround gift card distribution.

It is good to hear that. Enjoy your gift. 

I loaded mine right into my apple wallet