Has anyone found a case for the new TCL 20 A 5G phone?


I purchased the TCL 20 A 5G phone when I signed up with Visible a few weeks ago, but I cannot find a case for it ANYWHERE.


Anybody out there have this phone AND a case?




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Check Amazon for this description,

Misd Compatible with TCL 20 SE case, [Scratch-Resistant, Shock-Absorbing and Anti-Fall] Slim Soft and Comfortable, TPU Protective Back Cover for TCL 20 SE (Black)



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Do you like your phone? How has the battery life been on it?  I am seriously considering purchasing this phone.  I hope you finally found a case.  

Plenty of cases are available on Amazon.  The phone has excellent battery life with its large battery. Not sure about support on this phone. The phone currently refuses to update saying that it is doing other things even though the phone page tells you to update it.