Help!!! Can't connect iPhone SE hotspot to Apple TV.


Help!!! Can't connect iPhone SE hotspot to Apple TV. I called Apple TV support and they tried, but couldn't help me. I would appreciate any advice.


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Does your TV detects your iPhone's hotspot?


No. Apple TV can't find the Visible hotspot on my iphone. I have Googled the problem and gone into the Apple TV Settings and spent  several hours checking Network and System settings. I even talked to Apple TV support and they said it must be a carrier issue. Apple TV works fine with my other carrier, but I can't get it to find the hotspot from Visible.



Seems to be the same problem here with the 2022 iPhone SE.  No detectable hotspot after it has been turned on in the control center of iOS 15.7.1

With iOS 15.7.1, reset option, remove networking and reboot, still no hotspot.


Updated to iOS 16.1 (big download 2.5 GB +) rebooted a few times.  Still no hotspot.


Set up hotspot again, turn on its compatibility mode, WiFi ON.  Then hit airplane mode on and off about a dozen times.  It eventually showed 'iphone' WiFi hotspot and one client can log in.  Slow 'limited internet' shown but useable.