Hotspot Question as internet source

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I'm aware you can only have one device at a time connected, but is anyone using the hot spot as their primary form of internet?  I was thinking of cancelling AT&T (overpriced) and I can't switch due to where I live. (I'd also save $40 a month.). I'm getting well over 250 down so speed is a non issue. 


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It is posted in their terms of service that it should not be used as a replacement for home internet. Doing so can get your service terminated.


Under: Our right to limit or end Service or end this Agreement


It says this: For example, if you use your Service in an inappropriate or unapproved way, like manipulating our Service to use it as a replacement for a home broadband service, then we may take action to limit, suspend, or end your Service.


I don't think you would be terminated if you limited use or didn't abuse the amount of data you used. This was mentioned on Visible's Reddit page a while back about abuse so I search for it to see what they were talking about and some were using upwards of 1TB a month and getting notifications from Verizon about abusing or overusing data.


As long as you are okay with the one device limit I would say you should be okay for what you would.  I would also kindly you ask they increase it to more than one device.  My idea is if you are on the plus plan you get 3 devices.  If on the standard one you get one.  Another idea is you can add more devices.  So another 3 at say $5 as an example 6 for $10 etc.

I am on the plus plan


I wouldn't recommend it and it's not going to be what most people need for home internet.