Is visible worth it ?Looks like lots of issues with Visible


Does Visible actually work? 


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I have been with Visible since July 2021 and I think it is worth it.


Some have had issues while other haven't. I haven't had any issues with service in that time but have had a problem signing into my account a while back using a Chrome browser, using the Edge browser I could sign in, customer service couldn't fix it, said nothing was wrong. Not sure what happened but less than a week later it cleared itself up. There are a few that have had issues porting, but the majority I have read don't have this problem if the instructions are followed.


There are a few things to know about Visible. They are single line accounts, there are no family plans so it takes an email address for every number/account you have. What you see listed for the price for the plan is what you pay, there are no added fees or taxes, it's included. The biggest drawback with Visible is there is no phone number to call or a brick and mortar store to walk into for customer service. It is all handled either by chat or by messaging them through their social media platforms, Facebook, X, Instagram, and their support page on Reddit.


Conclusion, the service does work. I like it because of what is offered like unlimited data including hotspot. If you are one that needs to talk to someone or visit a store in person to get help then this may not be the carrier you are looking for. 


My wife and I have been with Visible for 2 years. I have Visible +, she has the Visible basic plan. Service has  been perfect for us. We use WIFI calling at home as the OTA signal is not good in our area. We use unlimited hot spot to stream TV when we are out with our RV. $60 per month unlimited all in. I was paying $75+ for 5GB including a former employee discount with another carrier.

Chatting with customer service is better than talking to a person than has a accent that I cant understand.