Missing Sim with new Pixel 6


I just received my new Pixel 6.  I cannot seem to find the sim card that was supposed to be in the package.  Where can i purchase one?  I cannot seem to transfer my info from my old phone, iphone SE without a new sim to put into my Pixel 6.  Please advise.  Thank you!



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Just an FYI, if you were hoping that you would get an answer from Visible posting in the forum that will never happen since this is a peer to peer forum. 


Are you using eSIM on the iPhone SE? If it has a physical SIM card you should be able to transfer it to the Pixel 6. If you ordered the phone from Visible and changed to one of the new plans they may have sent an email with an eSIM but from what I have read the eSIM's are not working on Android with Visible but I may be wrong. You may want to get a hold of customer service on chat but get comfortable as the wait will be up to an hour or more waiting in que for a service rep. Have them send you a physical SIM card if you didn't get one.