Other Samsung Phones?

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Hello people. I'm interested in Visible but would rather use another model Samsung 5G phone, if possible. I was thinking of buying an unlocked Samsung A51_5G (different than the one offered through Visible). I haven't bought the phone yet so I don't have a IMEI number. Anyone here have that model?



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Android compatibility is scary...


When I made the switch to Visible, I had the Samsung Galaxy S8+, and I ran through the compatibility checker and was given the thumbs up that my phone would work.  I switch my whole family over and guess what, my specific version of the S8+ was NOT compatible.  I had to stop using a phone I really liked and buy a new one.


I don't know what the hang up is with Android compatibility that Visible seems to be having problems solving, but it shouldn't be a crap shoot as to whether an unlocked phone will work or not.  And for people in your exact situation it's especially unfortunate.  You don't know if it will work until you've bought it - so you run the risk of wasting money on something that won't even work.  



I just set up a Samsung a51_5g unlocked and seems to work fine. 

I haven't been in a area where they offer 5g yet so I don't know if 5g works

my wife has a Samsung a50 unlocked and hers if working fine as well 

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i do have Samsung a51-5g (516u) phone unlocked and seems to be working fine 

haven been in a area where they offer 5g yet so i don't know if that working 

my wife has a Samsung a50 unlocked and here seems to be working fine