Phone upgrade


I received a notification that I was eligible for a phone upgrade since my affirm loan was 50% paid off. My phone is in working order and no cracks on the screen. I was putting in a new sim card last week and took off the protection case and did notice the back of my phone has a few small cracks somehow. Would I still be eligible to have my loan paid off?


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Here is in the help section of the deal you are talking about.


What happens if I don’t return my old device after upgrading?


Your existing Affirm loan will remain open and you will continue to make monthly payments until the balance is paid off.
You should be eligible if it is in good working order. They have no other exclusions so even if it is cracked it does work so it should be excepted.
This was also in the help section:
When will my old loan be paid off?


When you send back your old phone, we’ll make sure it’s in good working condition and then we’ll pay your remaining loan balance to Affirm in 1-3 days.
No guarantee it will pass inspection but it is in good working condition. But, do you want to chance it? That would be your choice.