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I was an ATT customer, tried to join visible but you tell me my phone is not compatible. Since then I unlocked my phone and moved to Mint Mobile.  Would like to join visible but my IMEI still shows not compatible. I have a very new phone and visible sells the same model, are telling me my phone can NEVER be ported to visible?


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I joined Visible in July 2021, bought a new phone from them, even that one shows not compatible with the new plans. I am still on the old unlimited plan holding out to save money until the make me switch. I was told by customer service my phone does not have the right technology which is a load of BS. I was also told this by Visible CS "Unfortunately not all the phones are compatible with our new network, however our technicians are working as we speak to add as many devices as possible from the old list." I am guessing the list they are speaking of is a blacklist of all IMEI numbers for phones, my assumption is the new list, or whitelist, consists of phones that Visible has sold in the year 2022 and newer. It also seems that iPhones are not as restricted as Android phones, again just my theory. Now they have been supposedly working on this list since I asked about compatibility the beginning of October so that shows you how hard they are working on adding those numbers. Funny, Verizon owns Visible, my phone is not compatible with the new plans but if I go to Verizon and check it it is compatible, go figure.


Now, someone had posted a response to one of my compatibility threads about this issue. He was able to activate a SIM in a compatible device and move it to a non compatible device and that phone worked. But I have yet to read that anyone has activated a SIM in a phone that is not compatible. You can get around the IMEI issue and get a card by Googling IMEI number generator and generating some numbers, I had no problem finding a number on the first try that shows compatible but again I have no clue if it can be activated in a phone that shows not compatible.


Visible wants to sell you a phone so that is likely the only way you will find a phone that is compatible. Even though I have not transferred to a new plan yet and guessing I have to sometime this month. I bought an Android phone that was sold by Visible earlier in 2022 that has an approved IMEI number so I am ready.


Sorry for such a long explanation. Another thing, if you value customer service stay where you are at. CS is useless and all but non existent. Just scroll through a few pages of the need help section and read up on some of the issues. if you have no problems and can put up with the lack of CS for the price of a decent plan then join.


Visible has 15 days free trial if you have an iPhone. If you have an android device will you be able to bite the bullet to get a new sim card and try it out on your device if everything works well for you then you can port in to Visible.

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ATT phones are locked to a GSM network and,though unlocked from your carrier, they'll never work on a Verizon network. This is the very reason I buy fully unlocked phones, like from Best Buy. They are compatible with all networks and never locked to a carrier. I previously had ATT, then tried Google. Hated it. Moved to Cricket, which is By ATT and very good. They have stores to. I liked them allot and never an issue. Switched to try Visible for the unlimited data and hot spot. Been a fan but support is poor.