SMS texting on LTE only and no voice mail


I signed up for service a few weeks ago, transferred my service from Verizon and have a 12Pro Max phone. I kept my same phone number and used an esim.  I thought things were fine until someone told me when they called that my voice mail asked for a mailbox number.  I checked it and discovered I had no voice mail set up.  My phone shows my old emails.  I've spent two days getting the run around from Chat with no answers other than they are excallating and someone will call me.  Excalation sent an email asking a bunch of questions not pertaining to my issue and when I replied I was told they don't answer emails, I must use Chat.  I go back to chat and I've litterally been on their for two days.  In the meantime I discovered that my SMS texts don't work.  I can't get work assignments or get codes to log in to sites.  So, now I can't work.  Visible referred me to Apple.  Apple said it's visible.  But, Visible told me today that I had to switch to only using LTE coverage as they only support SMS texts on LTE, that I cannot use 5g coverage with my $45 a month spectacular plan.  This is nowhere that I can find in any of their data.  I am alarmed at the lack of fixing this major problem, the lack of support other than turn your phone off, put your phone in airplane mode offers of help, but the lack of now NOT  being able to receive SMS texts at all. (by the way, I switched to only LTE and they still don't work) And, I still have no voice mail.  And I am reading a million messages here and on the internet about Visible having this issue with Voice Mail and SMS texting over the course of at least the last YEAR and for some, never fixing the problem.  These are pretty major problems and I am feeling duped into leaving Verizon for service that now doesn't help me.  Unlimited SMS texting on LTE only!!!   That isn't in the print.  And You don't get voice mail.  Ya, not a perk.  No escalation to help when your phone doesn't work and you literally can't work.  No, not a perk.  No phone call from the first available supervisor right away, and no call has been received for 5 hours.....No, not a perk.  I guess I tried and feel like I got taken for a ride (they won't let me post with the words I want to use).  I was told not to do it but apparently read too much into their own website without checking to see if I can actually use my $1200 phone, on my top Tiered $45 a month plan with SMS text, voice mail....but not finding out that I have no SMS, no voice mail and only LTE.  And I'm losing lots of money everyday because I can't get assignments or into my work portals.  Unreal.  Anyone have another view????