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Can't text again - this is a JOKE!!!!

This is absolutely ridiculous - just a week or so after the last nightmare, here we go again. And of course absolutely no notification from Visible that there are network issues. Maybe spend less time automating silly community "you've earned a new b...

Still can’t text

Still can’t send/receive texts so I can’t even go online to chat because of the update, requires 2 factor authentication, and sends the code via text to my phone. Get this fixed Visible!!

SMS texting on LTE only and no voice mail

I signed up for service a few weeks ago, transferred my service from Verizon and have a 12Pro Max phone. I kept my same phone number and used an esim. I thought things were fine until someone told me when they called that my voice mail asked for a ma...

Multifactor Authentication

Just as a heads up... as I was logging into my account this AM to pay my bill, it occurred to me what would have happened had I been unable to complete the login had I not been able to receive the now required SMS text code verification? Sorry, auto-...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Android watches

Will Android users ever get an answer on when we can use our watches? Some people don't like apple devices and not fair to us Android people that visible seems to favor Apple over us. Think they been supporting apple watches for 1 year or more now......

SJS0421 by Novice II
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unable to send a text message or access my Voicmail

I have been a Visible customer for 10 days. I have not been able to send text messages or access my voicemail. My data speed varies wildly. I have tried all of the above suggestions and have attempted to engage with help support over the last 10 days...

mlj by Novice II
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Bad Tech support

Im on day 11 of no working phone!!! you get what you pay for on this service its terrible if you ever have a problem they are the worst in the industry. stay with a major carrier if you can these people dont know whey they are doing

ryandake by Novice II
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