Side-by-Side Comparison

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After my saga in signing up for and activating the new Visible plan ($30) - see, I've been doing a side-by-side comparison of the old legacy Visible Unlimited plan and the new Visible plan for the last couple of weeks using speed tests. It's been my experience that speeds are marginally better on the new plan. At the same time, latency is much improved on the new plan (60 ms vs 120+ ms), and this does provide a more responsive experience  for some of my activities. It does seem that the connection on the new plan via Verizon's core network is more stable. Other than that, limitations are the same - hotspot is limited to 5 mbps; and detected video stream content or content from detected video sources is throttled to a speed only suitable for 480p resolution (generally around 2 mbps).

Overall a worthwhile upgrade for my needs despite the headaches encountered, but your experiences may differ.

Regardless of plan selected, Visible isn't for everyone particularly if you require a lot of hand-holding. Support is pretty much limited to their chat (via the app or web site) or direct messaging via Facebook or Twitter. Your support needs should be a major factor in choosing Visible. Any support to be had here in these forums is peer-to-peer between customers just like yourselves and there's very little that customers can do to resolve admin, activation or billing issues. Twitter direct message was the better option for me in resolving my issue but still painful with hour and even days between replies.

Note that the SIM ordered back in August to upgrade my legacy plan still hasn't shipped but at this point it's moot - I'll be canceling the old plan next week in favor of the new plan.