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Started trial and every speed test I run comes in at 5-7 Mbps. Is this normal during the trial?  Is this the speed I should expect if I sign up?  Did not see anything about speed being limited, other than being a lower priority in high congestion. 

Note: know that hot spot will be limited to 5 Mbps, but this is just using my phone. 



Is your phone LTE(4g) or 5G?

How many bars do you have when you are performing the test?

Are you in a major metro area or rural?

What are you using to test your speeds?

Where is the server located that the speed test is downloading the data from?


All the above are factors in what 'speeds' you will get.


On my Iphone, with LTE, 3 out of 4 bars, I get about 3Mbps down, in what I would consider a 'metro' area.  I have a coworker that has a 5G phone and gets much better speeds, when he has a full connection.


While speeds test are good for an overall average, I feel a much better representation of the service is if there is anything you cannot do?  I have yet to have an issue with streaming YouTube videos, teleconferencing for work or streaming audiobooks or music while traveling.


When I first got the service I also did speed test and thought oh this will never work, but I haven't had an issue.


With that said, I do notice that the service doesn't feel as "snappy" as one of the big three providers I had prior, almost like initial connections take a while, but once it connects, it is fine.  I assume this has to do with the elevated ping times.


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iPhone Xr (4g) in a metro area (CLE). Have tested with 1 bar up to 4 bars using SpeedTest app and the servers are pretty close (less that 10 miles) Comparing to existing TMobile service which can hit 60+Mbps on downloads. 

Thing I notice is that Verizon (Visible) has better coverage. At times I will spin on a request when on TMobile, where Visible is able to connect.  In crowded spaces (baseball game) it gets worse. 

From what I experience, TMobile has coverage, but there  are a lot of edge zones and capacity limits. Verizon has more coverage in my area (I was on Verizon previously), but I am worried about the Visible implementation and living with a permanent 5Mbps cap. 

hope this helps. 


@dwilsongalaxy As was mentioned, lots of variables are at play when it comes to connection performance.  Things like the Speedtest server is overloaded, the exit node that Visible is using to peer with Speedtest is overloaded, the cellular tower is rate limiting due to overutilization on pre-paid subscribers.  One thing you can try is to do a speed test during non-peak hours and see if you get faster speeds.  You can also try another site like fast.com to see if you get different results.  Let us know how it goes.

Thanks Ryan…. Have used SpeedTest and other sites all around town and the results are just way too consistent.  A bit or latency (more than TMobile), followed by a download between 5-6Mbps.  Called the one person I know on Visible and they ran some tests and came up with the same result. Have been told over chat that they don’t limit, but it is way too consistent.

@dwilsongalaxy Interesting as I get about 18 Mbps down but only 1 Mbps up.  It still sounds like the towers you are using are oversubscribed and there are too many pre-paid Verizon Wireless customers, which means they get priority and MVNO users (such as Visible) get what's left over.  That's why I asked if you could try during non-peak hours.  Do you know anyone with prepaid Verizon that could test and see what they get?

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