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Pics & Bitmojis

I can’t seem to send pics & Bitmojis to androids from my iPhone. Why is this?

me by Novice
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pics & bitmojis

I can't seem to send pics and bitmoji's to androids. Why is this?

me by Novice
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New phone, same sim?

My old I phone is 4glte is it the same SIM card for my new I phone 12 5g?

by Not applicable
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Cancel My Current Plan?

When signing up, it says it'll cancel my current plan. I am currently with my family on a family plan, so I do not want it canceling everything. Is it just removing myself or canceling the entire plan?

Hey Visible Community. How is your 5G experience?

Right now I am using an LG Stylo 4, which I believe is only a 4G device and does not support LTE. In the day time I been getting speeds of about 6-7mbps download, but at night it seems to be a a lot faster, more like 40-50mbps download. I am in South...