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Transfer eSIM/other SIM questions (iPhone/Android)

Novice II

Trying out Visible on a iPhone XR, activated via the app onto eSIM.

The phone handles Dual Sim (eSIM & Physical SIM) quite well, so i can toggle between the VZW based Visible service, and the other SIM that is TM based Qlink Wireless.


My questions.


Should I later upgrade to a newer iPhone, say the 13 Pro when that comes out, how does one transfer the eSIM over to the new phone? Would that happen automatically if I used the built in Apple Transfer Data to new phone thing? or would I have to use the Visible app and re-program the new phones eSIM?


How about Android phones?  I have a Pixel 3 that is my primary phone. It has a unused eSIM. Its physical SIM is TM prepaid.

Is the Pixel 3 eSIM compatible with Visible?

I am also considering buying the Pixel 6 Pro and wonder if Visible will work on eSIM via that.


(I am a life long Android phone user, and only recently got interested in Apple iOS phones cause just kinda got bored with Android...I may be someone who dual-wields, and uses both. )



Hey there, and welcome to the Visible family!

If you purchase a new device, you'll just need to reach out to us to have a new eSIM profile created. Once that has been done, you'll be able to download it onto the new device via the Visible app. eSIM is only available for the iPhone XR/XS/XS Max, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, and the iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max. So, a physical SIM would be needed for any Android devices.



So I would have to contact support first?

What would happen if i just installed and logged into the Visible app on the new phone?

Would it try and download the eSIM for the old phone?

Yes, you would need to reach out to the Care Team first. However, you can try logging in without contacting them, and proceed with the setup if the option is available.


How does one request a port in after the esim is activated with the Visible number? The app did not give me any option to port a number in. Is that not possible with Esim? would i need a physical sim?

As long as the account is in an active status, you should have the option to initiate the process in that app. If the option isn't available, you may need to delete and reinstall the Visible app. Otherwise the Visible Care Team can submit the porting request for you via Live Chat on the website or in the app, tweeting @visiblecare or sending a DM to @Visible on Facebook. You'll need to have the following details to submit the port: name of the carrier, account number, PIN, ZIP Code, and the phone number that you're transferring.