Transferring a new phone


I am trying to activate two phones. My Apple XS Max will transfer. My Samsung galaxy note 10 is not compatible. I have ordered a new Samsung galaxy S 22 ultra that should be here tomorrow and be compatible. Do I need to activate it with my current carrier and then transfer the phone/number, activate the phone to visible and then transfer the number, or what is the correct process?


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I didn't port in an not sure the exact procedure but you are porting your number not the phone. Phone is activated here when you get a SIM card and finish the port in procedure. If you did not buy the phone from Visible there is a possibility that it might not be compatible even though it is an unlocked phone. You will have to run the IMEI number through the checker when you get it. I would recommend a physical SIM card because I have read huge issues with eSIM on an Android phone.


You will need to search for the port in procedure because I am not familiar with how it is done.