Unlocked iPhone XR. App won’t accept IMEI

Novice II

I had the phone unlocked and checked with T-Mobile. They said everything is good on their end. I factory reset the phone. Still nothing. Any ideas?


Novice III

Are you using the esim? If so just have a physical sim sent overnight.


Intermediate III


Did you do the compatibility check? If it says not compatible also, there is a trick to use it. Get the physical SIM and the type in the APN manually. This is reported to be working for most of the devices that are non compatible. 

Yeah it’s on the list. Tried to have sim mailed but my address doesn’t exist I guess. Won’t accept address 

Couldn't smoothly activate my esim on my iPhone 12 so I had one mailed. Maybe either check with your post office to see if your address is listed a different way since I had to correct mine with Visible by adding the zip plus 4 or if you have a different address like a relative to send it to that's close by. Once you get it fixed it should be smooth sailing. Sorry to hear you among others are having this issue.