Visible Midnight MicroSD card expansion

Novice III

Has anyone been able to expand the 32GB of storage with an SD card? I've tried every card and it only allows for Portable Storage. I've contacted support and they've said to contact Wingtech. However, since I'm just the average Joe, I can't really do that? I understand this is a budget phone, but even when LG made their trash $100 phones, they allowed for MicroSD card expansion for storage. I did do some research and found out that the Device Manufacturer controls the settings, and in this case, Wingtech has disabled the option for whatever reason. I've also tried using ADB to force the MicroSD card to format as internal storage, but due to it being Android 11, some settings have changed, and forcing it to do this using ADB doesn't work. I've also tried installing a 3rd Party App to try and force it, but nothing works. So if someone more tech-savvy can help or if some Mod here can help then that would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



Hay I have 32 gb storage phone from visible can I pay money to add more internal storage or do I have to buy a new phone with more storage 

When installing SD card the very first time it will ask you do you want to use your SD card as portable storage or use it internal storage etc. You click for portable storage if that doesn't work I hate to say this factory rest to start from the beginning just remember Portable storage peace out let me know if my advice worked