Visible Stole My Phone

So I got the promo code for the Orbic Myra 5g. When it arrived the box was damaged and the screen was broken on the phone. I messaged visible and was told to send it back and they would send me a new one. They sent me a label and I did as I was told. Two weeks later I hadn't heard anything so I got them up in chat. First off they denied even receiving the phone and accused me of not returning it. I had to send them the proof from UPS tracking that it was received by them. After that I thought it couldn't get worse but after chatting they said they couldn't figure it out and that I would be hearing from an agent soon. Another week goes by and I get an email saying no you can't have another phone. Well that's crap but ok. So I went to chat cause that's all you can do here but they can call you but you can't call them back. Well I told them that's fine if they aren't going to send me a new phone but that I wanted mine back. It was a free phone i know but regardless it was MY phone. I only sent it it in because I was told they would send me a new phone which they didn't. Now they won't even send my phone with the broken screen back to me. Which to me is theft because that phone belongs to me it doesn't matter they gave it to me for free regardless it was still my phone. The person in chat literally laughed at me in chat over and over which is horrible customer service. Am I the only one that believes this is theft or am I wrong



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You have my sympathy.  Two and a half YEARS ago I received a phone that couldn’t be activated. Contacted Visible chat who were also unable to activate it. I got the mailing label, sent the phone back, followed the tracking number—no problems (yet).  I reached out on chat a few days later, “not in the system yet” so I waited a few more days, chat rep checked into it then & told me the phone arrived and as soon as the tech inspected it they would take that phone off my account and contact Affirm to cancel the loan. Got notice from Affirm that the loan was cancelled by Visible. Bought a new phone, no problems until I tried to upgrade my phone. One rep actually asked me when I was planning to return the first phone. They can find nothing in their records showing anything about the defective phone being returned. What I am told is that because they have no record of the phone being received I can never NEVER buy a phone through Visible EVER.  

This is why I always encourage people to buy an unlocked phone from a box store, best buy, etc. Then just activate with the carrier of your choice. That way the service is your only tie to them. We have a local phone repair company that is certified with many main brands. Had a repair done under warranty and they only had it a few hours. I would never trust mailing my phone somewhere. This stuff gets lost in transit or sorting more than you know. With Visible being a mega budget carrier, I wouldn't expect much. Look they really on forums to let the villagers figure out our problems. I'm with them till I'm not. 😄

There are numerous posts on here from people who have bought a phone from a big box store only to be unable to activate on Visible, so unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed.

Before you complete your checkout, ask them to check the IMEI number on the site to ensure it's compatible. 

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That is terrible!  What did you end up doing?  (I'm guessing you bought a phone somewhere else & are still using Visible for their cheap service cost since you posted on here.)  I just got the Orbic Myra 5g for the upgrade & don't really care for it; it's different than most all other Android phones I've had & even seen other people have.  Don't like the text message program it has by default & sometimes texts won't send.